Welcome to Kuji!

“The lush mountains, bountiful ocean, and warm local people offer you an experience that you’ll never forget. is on the Sanriku Coast, which is known as one of the three best fishing spots in the world.The plentiful blessings of the sea and the lush mountains and highlands are an ideal environment.The moving experiences you have in this wondrous natural environment will be etched into your heart forever.”

Shower climbing – relive your childhood conquering the rapids!

Hot summers are the season for shower climbing! Set your sights on the summit, and climb up waterfalls of various sizes while feeling the babbling brooks and clean air of the forest with your entire body. Only available during the summer. Let’s enjoy nature to the fullest together!

Line climbing – get a bird’s eye view

It’s surprising how easy it is to climb trees with a rope and harness. The view of the landscape from about the trees is a breathtaking view that you can rarely experience! Even children can try it safely and easily. 

Try cooking local cuisine – enjoy Kuji’s soul food

Try the traditional wheat dango dumplings “Mamebu” from the inland area of Kuji made with walnuts and brown sugar and the “soba making” activity with locally grown buckwheat. “Mamebu” where introduced in the NHK serial morning drama “Amachan” and have become famous all over Japan. Try their mysterious flavor that is both sweet and salty.

The fisherman experience – have a great time fishing with a local fisherman

Try net fishing from a small fishing boat called a “sappasen.” Enjoy this great experience with the masters of the sea in the vast Pacific Ocean while appreciating the gorgeous scenery of Kita-Sanriku.

Snowshoeing –enjoy the powder snow

Walking around freely on the snow with snowshoes is a fun winter activity recommended for beginners as well. Put on snowshoes and have a great time exploring Japan’s premier white birch forest in Hiraniwakogen Highlands!